Why I Blog

Kids need real food to fuel their life. Some food fuels are good and some fuels are bad. I’m not talking about weight here. I’m talking about your child’s source of energy to be happy and accomplished at school, activities, with friends and family and later as an employee and parent.

Kids are capable of learning to eat wholesome foods to nourish their mind and body. Kids may be reluctant eaters, they may have texture issues with some foods or they may have aversions to new foods. Those are all feeding the family obstacles that can be overcome. Don’t just take my word for it. Think about it and see for yourself.

Picky eaters aren’t born, they are created. Your picky eater can be transformed into a good eater. Even kids with sensory issues, autism and gut dysfunction can be transformed into good eaters, although their journey will be more intense.

It all starts with your mindset. Believe that your child is capable of adopting new foods into their library of accepted foods; think and act accordingly. Just as your child who went to school illiterate and came home reading, in time, your child will become literate to wholesome, nourishing, real food. Learning to eat real food is not an event. It’s a process. It happens with daily practice at family meals when you consistently and lovingly offer the food you know your children should be eating.

About Me

I’m a recovering picky eater. I know where your child is coming from. I know it’s possible for your child to adopt some of the foods they refuse before their 30th birthday (as it was for me with spicy food, onions, raw nuts and carrots). Through the archives, recipes and articles here on this blog, I will guide you to grow a good eater.

I don’t have all the answers or know all the best recipes. I’m experimenting with what works – and what doesn’t work – with my two grade school sons. See if a mindset change can help your family. Join the FwKA gang; partake in the conversation to help build a generation of good eaters who can fuel a well life.

I recently busted the myth that kids don’t like vegetables. I know 400 elementary students who proved that vegetables will indeed go down the hatch.

In addition to blogging, I am active in school food reform in Spring Branch ISD in Houston, TX, and I speak to parent groups. I’m a work at home mom juggling a recruiting business and a new role as sales consultant for Veggiecation and dinner from scratch every night. You can see my writing at Zisboombah and Good & Cheap Eats. Food with Kid Appeal has been included as a resource for Great Kids Food on OhDeeDoh and recipe inspiration on Life As Mom.


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Big Boo

this is a pictureIs an intense seven year old attending a dual language Spanish immersion language program in Spring Branch ISD. At school he likes all subjects, especially science which is taught in Spanish. At home he likes to ride his bike, build with legos, sketch and tinker on the piano. His favorite color has changed from red to black and his favorite foods once tomatoes and carrots are now red peppers, tacos and lettuce wraps. He threw me a curve ball this year and is on raw veggie strike after eating them happily for six years. Olives are on the no thanks list and he's wary of any just introduced, multiple ingredient dish. He gets giddy when I hack open a pomegranate.


Little Boo

this is a pictureIs a cuddly 5 year old in pre-K in the same dual language program as his brother. At school he prefers Spanish because it’s “not boring.” At home he's adept at making every permutation known for Lego star wars characters, mixing up helmets, legs, arms, and weapons. Legos are like sand at our house; impossible to clean it all up. His favorite color is blue (although he likes red too). His favorite foods are snacks, anything crunchy in a package. He takes an age to eat. He usually eats what is served but not without prompting. He’s fond of discussing what’s good for his body in the food on his plate.



this is a pictureIs an avid reader, involved father, the giver of nightly bath and bedtime story reader to Big and Little Boo. He is a great lover of meat, fruit and veggies. He has an adventurous palette, but it's hard to win his heart with a starchy side. I enjoy the challenge of finding meatless meals he'll eat without complaint, and in the past year, his complaints have waned and praise has waxed. Fortunately for me, he enjoys food presentation and critique. As a designer, he helps me avoid the worst of my visual gaffes on the blog, but wishes he had the time to redesign my site and approve all my posts and content changes before I click publish.